Diverticulitis Symptoms

When I was clinically diagnosed with diverticulitis, I was pleased merely
because doctor said there exists agood possibility that I could have Crohn’s
disease. Nonetheless, diverticulitis is often as critical and painful as Crohn’s
disease. For those of you who have not had chance to find out about
Diverticulitis, it refers to infection of one or more of pouches (diverticula)
inside the wall of your colon. The infection hinders bowel movement, since
inflammed pouches do not empty well; feces could possibly get trapped in those
sacs and become infected and inflamed.
In layman’s term, imagine your colon as a  road and a stool to be a car. Basically, diverticula (infection) it causes substantial road block, as a result it will hinders the flow of traffic. There are several symptoms of diverticulitis. I will tell you about my experience. In earlier stage, I experienced some cramps and abdominal pain. However, it was not that serious in any way. The pain would disappear altogether after couple of
hours. On top of that, the pain was bearable. However, this pain did not
disappear, and discomfort was intolerable as time went on. It kind of reminded
me of pain I had when I had appendectomy infection. The pain in lower left side
of abdomen was constant and excessive. I heard that’s because diverticuli
(infection) are generally present on that side.
Another symptoms I had was fever, diarrhea, nausea, chill, and bloating. I lost a great deal of weight because I lost my appetite (another symptom). If you have constant pain in the lower left side of belly, you must visit a doctor. Your doctor will perform
blood tests, say for example a complete blood count (CBC) or CT scan to
determine your condition.
I didnt know this, but my diet had a lot to do with diverticulitis. If you cherish McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, and a lot of other junk foods like me, you should be worried. The low-fiber diet and lack of exercise can cause many colon/stomach related diseases just like diverticulitis. Without fiber to add bulk towards the stool, the colon has to work harder than usual to push the stool forward. As I mentioned in other articles, you need to be active and watch what you eat.
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